Saturday, December 13, 2008

Watchmen iPhone iPod Touch App

So finally Watchmen's iPhone and iPod Touch app is out! I just installed and ran it and it seems like a Watchmen Movie Book Graphic Novel review Infocool idea - As the app starts we see Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) and his cat Bubastis looking at a bunch of tv screens. Some of these screens are on and clicking them shows some Watchmen movie or book (graphic novel) related item. The following are available right now -

1) Screen 1 shows the countdown timer to release date (and time it seems) of Watchmen movie. Similar to the countdown timer you see in my blog on the right panel.

2) Screen 2 shows the latest Watchmen trailer and I must say that it's freakingly awesome. A must watch! Focuses a bit more on Dr. Manhattan (Joanathan Osterman) and shows some key moments in the storyline.

3) Screen 3 (in the front of Bubastis) shows an animated clip of Watchmen graphic novel complete with images and nicely done voice overs. Right now its showing the first chapter of the book and I really liked the succint and well paced way in which it showed the events of Watchmen. The voice of Rorschach reading his journal doesn't reflect the psychotic personality as much as you would expect but given it's not the real thing I'm ok with it.

So, the Watchmen iPhone and iPod Touch app is a must download, find it in iTunes or check out the link to apple's website here - Apple Watchmen App

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