Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watchmen Characters Super Powers & Super Craziness

Well, Watchmen being set in a more "realistic" universe, Watchmen characters don't have any real super powers per say (assuming various degrees of idiocies are not considered super powers) with the exception of Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman) whose super powers seem to be the sum total of all super powers ever created. Other's (Rorschach, Comedian Night Owl, Silk Spectre and previous generation) unfortunately are just normal middle aged gentlemen and ladies dressed up in fancy costumes! But anyhow, let me elaborate both on watchmen character's "super powers" and "super idiocies" -

Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman)

Dr. Manhattan Super powers

I think we can all forgive Alan Moore for not imparting any super powers to all other watchmen characters just for the fact that he made Dr. Manhattan *this* strong! Yeah, Dr. Manhattan is the major ultra super powerhouse of all comic verses (DC, Marvel, whatever). Think of Dr. Manhattan as someone who can destroy every atom in the bodies of Superman, Hulk and Doomsday across all multiverses in which they happen to exist, simultaneously! Yeah, he is *that* good!

Dr. Manhattan basically controls matter at the subatomic level so he can simply make their bodies' atoms implode just by thinking about it, so he doesn't even need to put up a fight so to say! He knows the future (precognition) so he already knows whatever his opponent is going to do too! I can't think of any super hero in both DC and Marvel universes who can win against Dr. Manhattan! Another good thing about Dr. Manhattan is that he can come back from dead! Yeah, even *if* you somehow (and thats a humongous *if*) kill Dr. Manhattan, he can just rebuild himself! He did this once in Watchmen when Ozymandias removed his intrinsic field. Read more - Dr. Manhattan Origin and life

Dr. Manhattan Super craziness

The good doc has some sort of physics obsession. Please don't mistake it for normal love of physics, I think loving physics and stuff is all cool but when it starts interfering with his day to day activities then it becomes an issue. And in the case of Dr. Manhattan, the physics fetish went well beyond any human being living or dead can imagine, here's my full article on the subject - Did Silk Spectre break up with Dr. Manhattan because of his abnormal physics fetishes?

Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt)

Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) Super powers

Next to Dr. Manhattan stands Ozymandias when it comes to super powers. Ozymandias' "super powers" are more human in nature so no comparison of Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan intended. That said, Ozymandias possesses almost superhuman intelligence and that sort of places him well above and beyond normal human variety super heroes (costumed adventurers / vigilante is more accurate term I think).

Ozymandias stands out among the regular crowd of geniuses because of the fact that he has been able to apply it to all aspects of his life. Veidt has used the genius to secure his future by amassing enormous wealth and develop his physical prowess to the extent that he can even catch a bullet. Yes, Ozymandias can indeed catch a bullet and he has shown this ability in the Watchmen book (graphic novel) when he catches a bullet fired by Silk Spectre (second, Laurie Juspeczyk). But remember that Ozymandias is still a human and him catching bullets doesn't imply that bullets just bounce off him. Instead, he seems to combine his (almost) super human (but result of training) reflexes with his ability to correctly gage things like the path the bullet will follow and when the trigger will be pressed it and things like that. So, he can die if you fire more than one bullet at him or if he is not really ready for that extreme maneuver. Anyhow, bulletproof or not, Ozymandias is still better/stronger/smarter than all super heroes in Watchmen (except Dr. Manhattan). He demonstrated this when he beat up both Rorschach and Night Owl together. Coming to the most important part - Ozymandias is the only human who once first blinded (interfering with his precognition) and then killed Dr. Manhattan! Yes, he killed the most powerful super hero in all multiverses. It didn't mean much though because Dr. Manhattan simply rebuilt himself but still it kinda shows how formidable Ozymandias is. Read more about Ozymandias here - Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) origins and facts

Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) Super craziness

Like I firmly believe, all geniuses are basically crazy at some level or the other! In the case of Ozymandias, his craziness has no bound. Let me ask you a simple question - What would you like to do with the money you inherited from your rich parents? If your answer is something similar to "I will give it all to charity", then my congratulations to you for possessing the extreme levels of craziness comparable to the genius Ozymandias'! Yes, Ozymandias did the same thing - he gave it away to charity. It didn't bother him much though as he amassed even more wealth being the genius that he is but it may or may not work for you buddy if you have similar plans! But Ozymandias has much bigger levels of insanities and not all are as harmless as throwing his money out of the window. His extreme case of insanity revolves around his master plan! Ozymandias decides that the best way to save the world is to kill half a million of Yankees! Told you, his insanity has no bound! But more on that in a post dedicated to the subject!

Night Owl (Daniel Dreiberg)

Night Owl (Daniel Dreiberg) Super powers

Night Owl unfortunately is more at the level of us regular folks - no quantum level matter control and no insane genius! But what he does possess is the immense desire to become a super hero and sh-tloads of inherited wealth! Night Owl has intense geekiness minus a steady girlfriend, and with this combination, you can see, few things can stop you from becoming an accomplished super hero. And that's exactly what Daniel Dreiberg becomes by squandering his parent's hard earner money for building fancy gadgets that even Batman will envy!

Night Owl has all sorts of gadgets ranging from Owl night goggles to Owl laser gun to Owl-freaking-Ship; Night Owl beats Batman when it comes to gadgets!! By the way, thinking of Batman, Night Owl is indeed like a more soft version of Batman. Just like Batman, Night Owl can also kick some serious butt if he needs to and he demonstrates this ability when attacked by a truckload of muggers. Yeah, Night Owl and Silk Spectre were attacked by some serious numbers of muggers when they were hanging out as Daniel Dreiberg and Laurie Juspeczyk. Needless to say, Daniel Dreiberg was still Night Owl and Laurie Juspeczyk was still Silk Spectre (and a really angry and frustrated Silk Spectre at the moment) and they beat up the muggers pretty bad. That fight scene always make me smile for the reason that it must've been a really big shock for the muggers to get beat up by a couple seemingly harmless middle aged man and woman apparently walking home after work!

Night Owl (Daniel Dreiberg) Super craziness

Night Owl doesn't have any serious craziness per say other then a very embarassing ED disorder! Yeah, poor Night Owl generally has trouble getting it up under normal circumstances! But the good news is that, Night Owl becomes all Don Juan as soon as he is dressed up as Night Owl! Yeah, as soon as Daniel Dreiberg puts on Night Owl's costume and saves a few lives, he can get it up and keep it up till eternity with no problem whatsoever! Yeah, weird lol!

Rorschach (Walter Joseph Kovacs)

Rorschach Super powers

Rorschach, again like other 'human superheroes' in Watchmen, doesn't have super powers but he is extremely good at boxing and gymnastics! He can fight and beat the sh-t out of the biggest bouncers but that's not what really sets him apart!

Like Night Owl, Rorschach doesn't even have money to build any gadgets so he improvises! Rorschach has the ability to use household items as dangerous weapons! Yeah, he is very good at MacGyverism! Rorschach is extremely dangerous because he can use anything as a weapon and he demonstrates this ability when Rorschach, armed with common kitchen items, takes on a whole SWAT team! Just sit back and think about it for a second - Rorschach beat up a fully armed and ready SWAT-freaking-team with household items like red pepper, kitchen oil and stuff! If that's not enough for you, Rorschach once used a criminal's own shirt to kill him, while being locked up (the bad guy was standing outside, Rorschach was locked!). So yeah, Rorschach is a very dangerous guy even without gadgets or super powers!

Rorschach Super craziness

Well, Rorschach is actually so crazy that it's difficult to figure out where to start but in my view, his extreme craziness lies in being constantly dirty! Yeah, Rorschach never seems to take a shower and the stinks like an open manhole! Well, I guess that's a fine example of dedication right there! Rorschach is so dedicated towards crime fighting that small things like taking a shower and washing his crime-fighting suit every once in a while are obviously beneath him!!

Silk Spectre II (Laurie Juspeczyk)

Silk Spectre Super powers

Well, again she is the human variety 'super heroine' and doesn't really have any authentic superpowers, per say. She's apparently very good at some martial arts and such and can beat the sh-t out of criminals. As I mentioned before, Silk Spectre II easily beat atleast a dozen of muggers with Night Owl without breaking a sweat!

Silk Spectre Super craziness

Well she doesn't really have any real craziness or "weird characteristics" like Night Owl and Rorschach do! The only thing "crazy" about her is that Silk Spectre is a bit too hot that she drives superheroes around her crazy with desire! But this deserves an article in itself that I'll be writing soon with some good details about how both Dr. Manhattan and Night Owl totally drool over Silk Spectre!

Silk Spectre I (Sally Jupiter)

Silk Spectre Super powers

Yeah, as you guessed she is the first Silk Spectre (there are two of them!). In fact, she is the mother of our own Laurie Juspeczyk (the second Silk Spectre)! She too is just a regular human and has mastered some good martial arts and such to be able to beat the cr-p out of criminal scums. What is interesting about her is her craziness...

Silk Spectre Super craziness

So whats wrong with Sally? Well for one thing she is the super heroine who fights crime not to help the society and stuff but to get some modelling and movie contracts! Yeah, Silk Spectre I thinks that running around after criminals dressed up as scantily as possible will make her a hollywood superstar!! Well, so much for her good intentions! You would think that she might actually get some contracts and you are right, she did get one contract for a hollywood movie! But wait, the movie was a C grade porn movie! Yeah, that made Silk Spectre I a super heroine who is also a porn star! There are many other interesting things too which I should cover in a separate article!

Comedian (Edward Blake)

Comedian Superpowers

Yeah well, again no super powers, nada! It's getting kinda boring ain't it since Ozymandias! Dr. Manhattan turns out to be the one with ultra-freakish-extreme-level-max-powers but after that all superheroes are just boxing experts for the most parts! And well, Comedian is one of them, but again it's not his super powers, its his craziness that sets him apart!

Comedian Super craziness

So, what's so special about Comedian? Well, unlike other Watchmen super heroes, Comedian is the guy who actually IS crazy! Yeah, Comedian nuts! Comedian once killed his own girlfriend just for the kicks! He openly ridicules fellow super heroes, kills mercilessly, thinks he is the savior (in a way) of the already doomed world and well just has fun doing the superhero thing! For the most part Comedian is like Darknight's Joker, but a Joker who decided to become a superhero instead of a super villan! To read more, click - Comedian (Edward Blake) psychology and craziness, comparison with Joker


  1. You left out the fact that Nite Owl is a technical and engineering genius.

  2. I wouldn't say the comedian has no superpowers. He punched through a freaking wall at age 70 or something. He's got to have something going for him. Also no one can throw punches like the above people and not even have a bruise on their hand. What I'm getting at is THEY ALL DEFINITELY HAVE SUPER POWERS.

    1. Could be like Cap and have the super soldier steroid thing going on.

  3. dUDE THIS IS SUCh fag bullshit. all of the the watchman characters have supper powers. dawg this is fur fags stfu stfu gtfo lolololololololol

  4. I Would Sayy That Silk Spectre 2 Has Super Strenght In The Movie Having Broken A Giant Glass Dome In Three Punches !

  5. they are all slightly enhanced, the comedian punched through a stud wall and smashed a load bearing wall and also laughed after having his head smashed on a work surface, night owl, rorschach and silk spectre are all slightly enhanced and are kinda between normal and super powered where as dr manhatten is practally a god, i find it funny when people say that superman, goku and galactus can beat him, they cant but even if they did he would just come back in like a second

  6. Why does Rorschach mask moves like that ?

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  8. The phrase is "per se" it's Latin it means "in itself". Per say means nothin but "you failed grammar"

  9. Obvious Watchmen fanboy is obvious. While this movie was not for me, I kind of liked it for what it was. I'm always happy when I come across a movie that makes me think.
    But in no way at all is Manhattan the strongest super hero in all of comic Multiverses - as far as I've seen he can't even cross between Multiverses. There are at least 10 characters in both DC and Marvel more powerful than him. And I'm not even sure I would call Manhattan a 'hero' at all. He is a human turned "godlike", but seems to turn his back against humanity and all life in a matter of years, and has been shown to kill dozens if not hundreds of humans in the service of the United States military. That being said this is a very dark and gritty 'superhero' story and I enjoyed it as such.

  10. I really enjoyed the read. But like a few others have said. They clearly are "enhanced" humans, if not "super". But still, informative none the less. I believe the part that no other super hero or villain comes close to Dr. Manhattan. He really is human turned God lol.

  11. No one has still answered why rorshachs masks move. Trippy.

  12. No one has still answered why rorshachs masks move. Trippy.

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  14. He didn't kill Dr Manhattan at all. He just dispersed his particles, rendering his physical form destroyed but he did not die or he would not have made the conscious effort to restructure his intrinsic field. Also Dr Manhattan can't vaporize villains across the universe... he actually has limits and as Veidt himself stated: "Even Jon can't be everywhere at once." He could not stop the threat of nuclear armageddon, though maybe that's because he did not care enough

  15. Only a fuckin pleb would actually believe Manhattan is superior to the upper echelon mutants in DC/Marvel.