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Dr Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes Part 3: Dr. Manhattan vs Silver Surfer, Dark Phoenix and Professor X

Third installment in Dr. Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes series...This is about Dr. Manhattan vs Silver Surfer, Dark Phoenix and Professor X.. and other parts can be found at Dr. Manhattan vs Superman and Hulk, Dr. Manhattan vs Galactus, and Dr. Manhattan vs Mr. Fantastic

Let's see who can kick Dr. Manhattan's (Jonathan Osterman) butt in all of DC/Marvel universes -

Dr. Manhattan vs Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer uses cosmic energy as well but draws it from Galactus.

Can Silver Surfer do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Silver Surfer can also use cosmic energy against Dr. Manhattan but eventually he will run out of it.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Silver Surfer -

Dr. Manhattan can just break the link between Silver Surfer and Galactus thereby turning Silver Surfer into human (Noran Rad).

Verdict - Silver Surfer is no match for Dr. Manhattan!

Dr. Manhattan vs Phoenix (as Jean Grey)

Phoenix Force is another primordial force of nature using cosmic energy as a power source.

Can Phoenix do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Not much really as again even if she kills Dr. Manhattan, he will just come back for another round. The only thing in favor of phoenix force is that it doesn't have any known weaknesses.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Phoenix -
It's debatable if Phoenix force, being a part of nature itself, can actually be destroyed. But Dr. Manhattan can destroy the body that Phoenix inhibits. In other words, Dr. Manhattan can annihilate Jean Grey forcing the Phoenix force to go find another body.

Verdict - A long drawn battle that might end with Dr. Manhattan killing phoenix's body but not the phoenix force itself.

Dr. Manhattan vs Telepaths (Charles Xavier / Martian Manhuter, Jean Grey etc)

Telepaths considered here was the ones that can control their opponent's brains.

Can Telepaths do anything against Dr. Manhattan -

It's unclear how Dr. Manhattan would respond to mind attacks or how vulnerable he might be and it's possible that a telepath can control/destroy him via mental attacks. But there are many ways he can become invulnerable to mental attacks because he can restructure his brain cells and his brain is not really human.

Many other superheroes are resistant to telepathy because of how their brains are structured. Notable examples are Wolverine and Mystique - Wolverine has become resistant to mind attacks because of Weapon-X program and his Healing-factor while Mystique is resistant to telepath attacks because of her ever restructuring brain cells!

Further, all telepaths have some range in which they can operate. Professor X can only work a few cities or so. Martian Manhunter is limited to the solar system or so. Jean Grey (as even Phoenix) is probably limited to a galaxy or so.

So, all Dr. Manhattan has to do is to either keep restructuring the way his brain is built or just teleport himself out of range of the attacking telepath! Further, the telepath can't attack first because Dr. Manhattan knows the future.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill telepaths - What is working in Dr. Manhattan's favor is that even if telepaths could harm him, he would know it even before they think about it because he can predict future! So, he can essentially kill a whole army of telepaths before they become any threat!

Verdict - Dr. Manhattan wins easily but primarily because of his ability to predict future (assuming telepaths can indeed hurt him).

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  1. This is really stupid stuff, inferring what make-believe characters can do to other make-believe characters in a comic book world by your understanding of their make-believe properties, powers and abilities. Seriously silly stuff. Hopefully you're just twelve years old or something and will grow out of it all, and concern yourself with real world issues...

    1. The fact of the matter is, if you don't like what your reading, you have the CHOICE not to read it and save yourself the agony of complaining, or your just one of THOSE people who loves to complain complain, thinking that the world will stop turning when you stop giving your POV.

  2. @anon: Thanks for the comment and yeah real world issues...poverty, economic crisis, crime, terrorism, third world countries development...what have you been doing about them lately other then commenting on blogs about make believe characters? :)....hahahaha.....jokes apart, if I were you, I'd just chill out and not worry too much about things that others blog life, have fun doing what you have fun doing and the future posts over here after the movie is out...I've been planning on writing stuff more attuned to more serious/skeptical readers once the movie comes out...

  3. To whom ever is writing this. Marvel New Sun vs Dr. Manhattan.

  4. To writer of blog:

    Cable vs Dr. Manhattan

    Cable could teleport back in time to before Jon Osterman's accident that turned him into Dr. Manhattan.

    In fact any superhero/villain with the ability to move through time could do this.

  5. Good point...although Dr. Manhattan's view of time is very paradoxical because he would know all the future/past and would know what Cable is going to do as Cable is doing it. So, I mean if Dr. Manhattan decides to keep a close watch on everything, he would be able to predict what his opponent is going to try and stop it. I think, its this precognition thing that makes him so damn powerful.

  6. The Source
    Watcher - Surfer



    do it

  7. doctor manhattan has telepathic abilites too! Also along the lines of time, even if you destroyed him before the accident he would still exist in a parallel sense because he must; the accident was no accident! Also he can make copies of himself so even if you manage to kill his present incarnation in that specific time, there is still more of him that exist eslwhere in time.

  8. @Anonymos (Mar 13)

    I'm sorry bro, the only character that I know well enough in your list is Thanos. And honestly, I think Thanos can initially kill/trap Dr. Manhattan quite easily (more so if he knows Dr. Manhattan's weakness - tachyons) but then again Dr. Manhattan is more than his body and he can always recreate the body wherever he wants (say, right behind Thanos). Further I don't know if Thanos is affected by the Ultimate Nullifier or not but if there is any technological weapon at all that can hurt Thanos then Dr. Manhattan can create it instantaneously! So you see the advantage, Dr. Manhattan can be defeated/killed/trapped but he just freaking comes back from anything!

  9. @Anonymous (Mar 14)

    You've an excellent point there. Dr. Manhattan himself says, "I feel as if I've always been around", implying that he is beyond time. Infact, as I finished the book, I had the feeling that it could be Dr. Manhattan who created life on earth (and elsewhere) in the first place, but that might be stretching it to far. But anyhow, he sees both future and past as present (in a way) so there is no past (past the experiment) or future in which he can not exist simply because he exists in present!

  10. This Stuff Is ssoo.. GAY!!! You Punks need to get a life. Dr. Whateva is not God Stop being a geek and do other stuff.

  11. And you sir are just another idiot who decides to criticize stuff that he is too stupid to understand! Yes, people do have to get past a intellectual block to be considered intelligent enough to get it!

  12. Manoj Bhatty... in the future Spider-Man evolves and becomes infinitely stronger, his spider sense becomes likened to Dr. Manhattan's ability to foresee the future & manipulate minds as well, his webs become an infinite supply of indestructable eco plasma that takes whatever shape or form he merely thinks of & his costume becomes an organic part of him that is invulnerable to anykind of attack thus making him superior to any known superhero, it also enables him to shape shift in ways only limited to his imagination..... so Spider-Man vs Dr. Manhattan.

  13. I agree Bernald I mean everyone can have surprising power but Manoj Bhatty doesn't see past "Oh he can see the future so noone can beat him. Right and Superman is going to be real one day.

  14. @Bernald: Over the years I've noticed the tendency of most comic publishers/writers to pick the main characters of their series and make them super powerful...this has happened to all sorts of minor (in terms of powers) character...examples are Gambit who becomes red son something...Cable who becomes some sort of godlike character...Superman has many similar versions...similarly, spidey has his own godlike version too...they do it every once in a while to back the series/character a bit if it's slacking...making spidey, for instance, extremely powerful rekindles the reader's interest back in the comic..a very common technique....

  15. I know, so future Spidy vs Dr. Manhattan who wins?

  16. yeah, he looks pretty badass as you described...I tried to look it up in wiki to understand the proposed physics behind his transformations but didn't find anything, so it's difficult to say...that said, if Spidey still follows the basic laws of physics (let's ignore first law of thermodynamics to some extent though) and requires mass/energy to survive then he is doomed as Dr. Manhattan can simply disintegrate (may be set him off as a nuke using his own body's mass!) whatever particles his body is composed of! With the quantum level control of matter, Dr. Manhattan can possibly transform Spidy's body into something harmless as long as Spidy's body is made of "something" thats not magical in nature. In the worst case scenario, Dr. Manhattan can teleport Spidy to the edge of the universe effectively disabling him till he manages to come back (in a few million years may be). Spidy though has a major roadblock when fighting Dr. Manhattan - there is no real way for him to kill (permanently) Dr. Manhattan so it's kinda just about the time that Dr. Manhattan would take to figure out the most efficient way to kill Spidy.

  17. But you don't know all wat that Spidy can do(no Disrespect) just sayin

  18. yeah, i tried to look it up at Wiki but couldn't find much details on it...i'm getting interested in this version of spidy though, i hope someone writes a detailed article on him like there is on normal spidy.

  19. Well, you guys won't find anything on future Spidy cuz he's figment of my wild imagination... I just wanted to come up with a formidable character to be pit against Dr. Manhattan and a response.... You got to admit that a future Spidy like the one I described would be awesome, please don't be irate or harbor spite towards me.

  20. yeah he seems to be pretty cool...he might lose his day to day spiderman-adventures though as with that level of power-ups he might be playing with the big league inter-space villains like Thanos and such....great idea there Bernald, I hope DC writes something on similar lines in future!....if they can pit him against X-Men etc as an anti-hero or something, that'd be cool too!!

    Against Dr. Manhattan, I guess it would really depend on whether he follows the laws of physics or not...if the powers are magical, then they are beyond Dr. manhattan; but if he needs some matter to sustain himself then he can be destroyed too (Manhattan doesn't need anything from the known universe to sustain himself afaik).

  21. Well on this thing where you say Dr. Manhattan can recreate is also a lost cost because he has to do that with his mind it just doesn't come back to pieces by itself and they are alot of characters who can stop this from happening. Seriously though Dr. Manhattan cannot beat Galactus it is just ridiculous. Even the phoenix.

  22. I guess he just has to "Will" to create another copy of himself...but if someone can stop his mind completely (kinda put him in catatonic state) and instantly then Dr. Manhattan is as good as a vegetable....but the challenge is to attack him while also interfering with his ability to see the future! No single character seems to have both Tachyon interference and extreme mind control as powers. Phoenix can potentially do it with help from someone else I guess. Galactus though, I fail to see what Galactus can really do against Dr. Manhattan because Manhattan will simply absorb or deflect all the cosmic energy that Galactus throws at him, Manhattan being also pure energy of some sort; it's like attacking fire with fire.

  23. Well another another blod what the bloggers said are true which is one witnessed feats alone Galactus is far more powerful than Dr. Manhattan and he did get destroyed by the ulitmate nulifer but appeared later feeding off of hyperstorm's energy and hyperstorm was franklin richards from another time line and we all know how powerful franklin richards is. If you also read Galactus's boi on marvel Dr. Manhattan has nowhere the amount of power Galactus has and also he is not even human he just appears so to which ever race sees him. Comparing bio from the official sights Galactus would find someone more interesting to battle.

  24. How did Galactus come back if he was dead (completely destroyed via nullifier)?

  25. Also what are you guys talking about - Galactus has been defeated by so many including Strange, Dr. Doom, Ego, Thor etc etc....He's tough but some of these heroes combine their strength he almost always goes down.....and thinking of Dr. Doom taking Galactus' powers, he looks even more weak! I mean Dr. Doom is just a human and he can beat Galactus! Also I didn't know that Galactus can actually be beaten by many other things like Infinity Gems etc too, so the Ultimate Nullifier is not the only thing that works against him! So, anyone who can get those weapons or create those weapons seems to be able to either kill or incapacitate Galactus! No?

  26. So if this is true then why are you making Dr. Manhattan out to be what he is not and that invincible. First rule to creating a super hero he has to be able to get beaten or else no one will read him. No one wants to read a comic about a guy who can't be beaten that is plain boring. Super heroes more powerful than Dr. Manhattan have been beaten Dr. Manhattan is no exception. Also alot of them can see far into the future than him and still can't do anything about it so that power does not make him invincible. You say he can beat the Dilver Surfer ok maybe but you forget that Silver Surfer has only a faction of Galactus's power cosmic. The Drak Pheonix destroys timelines in order to prevent devastasting results from happening to the others. Dr. Manhattan cannot not even begin to understand how to do that and is not capable of it. Plus some of these characters that you said will eventually run out of energy is madness read the official bios on the websites like

  27. Dr. Manhattan is as close as it gets to divine power. He has the ability to create and destroy life with a wiggle of his finger. He does not age, and has evolved past the need for food or even oxygen. He can smother the flame of the sun and end all life. The only way he could possibly die is if he were to erase his atoms from existence- and I am told that atoms can not (no matter what) completely disappear from existence so he will always have the ability to reform- it would only be his choice. His body is simply a shell and breaking it wont harm what he truly is; a God.

  28. dr manhattan can make millions of him and teliport himself and other people to.BUT THE PHONIEX CAN DEAFEAT DR.MANHATTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dr. Manhattan cannot beat Galactus. It is just total nonsense. Go to this web page it has Galactus's exploits things he actually did. Plus Galactus is not human he is made of pure energy from the universe not Dr. Manhattan.

  30. Dr.Manhattan vs the Phoenix is a good match. But Dr.Manhattan would win.The very nature of his power is beyond the Phoenix. The Pheonix's degree of physical control is down to a molecule, Jon's(Dr. Manhattan) control is down to sub-atomic particals. Phoenix's power is near-infinite, Jon's power is infinte, period.

    As for Galactus, it would win by intelligence, let alone power. Either Galactus is equal to Jon or slightly more powerful. Galactus has infinte power just like enternity and those other elements. Galactus vs Dr.Manhattan would be like an adult picking on a newborn. Jon has much to learn....
    BTW: Power of the cosmic= POWER OF EVERTHING. In a simplified explanation.

  31. Rethlion-
    He has the ability to destroy anyone's form from the very begining of their existence (he needs to be in the vicinity of the person whether it be their past present or future self).
    He is made of an intangible Magical material that can not be destroyed.
    He can sense where anyone is even multiple galaxies away for he has to be in their vicinity to be able to destroy the person's start.
    His molecules are in lock unless he commands them otherwise. They can not be manipulated.
    He also can not be teleported anywhere by anybody else and has the ability to stop the powers of others.
    Rethlion also has the ability to travel through time making it so that he may just go back to a more vulnerable Dr. Manhatten and use his destruction power on him then, successfully erasing Dr. Manhatten. Of course due to Dr. Manhatten's nature Rethlion would not be able to do that because he'd come face to face with Manhatten who because his 'all seeing' ability would do something to try to stop Rethlion.

    Verdict- Dr. Manhatten will try all his might, but will eventually be defeated by Rethlion. Dr. Manhatten will make the battle long trying to get away from Rethlion for Dr. Manhatten predicts his own doom.

  32. @Anonymous

    Interesting! I've not heard of Rethlion but he seems DAMN STRONG the way you described him! He's like a minor God or fallen Angel for the most part!!!

    I should mention a few things though -

    1. Dr. Manhattan can't be killed as Jonathan Osterman - Why? Because if you kill Jonathan Osterman then Dr. Manhattan will never be, thus disrupting the time-space continuum. Because you've to know Dr. Manhatatn exists before you kill Jonathan Osterman but if you kill Jonathan Osterman then Dr. Manhattan would never exist! Stantard time paradox!

    2. I think magic can kill Dr. Manhattan. Dr. Manhattan is somewhat like Superman - as long as you follow the laws of physics, he is tough but magic simply bends or violates physics so by magic one can destroy the "essence" of Dr. Manhattan's personality so that he can't rebuild himself anymore. Dr. Manhattan can fight magic by killing the "beings" that are weilding magic. For example, Dr. Manhattan kill/incapacitate Dr. Strange who is still human but if the being itself is magical and doesn't follow any laws of physics then the outcome simply depends on who get hurts first! I guess if Dr. Manhattan can't literally destroy whatever is holding Rethlion together, then Dr. Manhattan will have to let go of his physical body so that he can hide somewhere in his intangible form that can't be found!

    1. I totally agree with you.
      What happens is:
      Some comic fans become fanatics by some characters and can not see their vulnerabilities. But they exist.
      The example you gave, it was very well put.
      Indeed, I believe that magic can circumvent the laws of physics and a powerful mythical being would rather beat Dr. M.

      As I said before: precognition Dr. M is too vague and fails, or a simple human being, as OZ, it would not have fooled so easily, and still made it to help him build the weapon.

  33. I need to point something out even if it is never read, Dr. Manhattan could be easily defeated by a time traveller because he can only see his own past, present, and future. Therefore if a time traveller were to go back before he had his accident he would be a normal human, and since Dr. Manhattan has shown no signs of being able to travel through time than all he would be able to do is experience himself being destroyed and time would recreate itself from the point he was killed onward. Because of this all future versions of him throughout time would cease to exist in any state, this is aside from parallel worlds in comics in which he exist but the version of himself destroyed would have zero connections to a parallel state of himself.

  34. I enjoyed reading this..... but I have to disagree on the Dark Phoenix/Dr Manhattan result. In Watchmen, it states that Dr M could stop about 60% of the nuclear missiles, should they be launched, from reaching the US. This suggests a limit to his power, (Yes, this is only hypothetical). Furthermore, he can be tricked- as shown by Ozymandias. Dr M can only see his past and future- which again suggests a limit. As the watchmen universe is linear in nature- that is to say that Dr M's powers have not been tested due to the lack of beings who could test them- it is unclear as to his limitations.
    Essentially, DP could split his atoms into separate timelines/ universe(s) through access to the white hot room. If not DP, then most certainly White Phoenix of the Crown. Yes, the host can be destroyed, but like Dr M, can be instantly reformed. The battle has the potential to be long, but if DP were to find out his weakness to Trachyon (spel?) beams./rays it would be over quite quickly. Alternatively, DP could just annihilate the Watchmen universe, something she has done in the past. Although not specifically the Watchmen universe.

  35. Dr. Manhattan vs. The one above all. Case closed.

  36. I rarely leave a response, but i did a few searching
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  37. LOOK. If you want a true character that can kill Mr. MANHATTAN it would be AMAZO the android from DC. AMAZO has the ability to reconstruct his body, he can destroy and teleport galaxies with a blink of his eyes, and can duplicate and absorb any form of energy. He has an endless supply of energy.

  38. I am a big fan of comics, and also written ...
    I have some reservations about Dr M.

    1. He can only see his own future, based on what you can see from the other , and is described as not likely fidelity : so this would Precognition ; would not be Omniscience .
    If preceberem , OZ can fool you , the excuse given in the magazine is inconsistent ( tachyons ) , yet they only occur in the future if this affect , a lot could block the direction of DR . M. .. Remember that OZ is a very intelligent human , if he managed to fool DR M , imagine other geniuses much higher than other comics ... I'm a fan of Watchman , but fans Shiite Dr M , we have a little more reason and not just emotion.

    2 . Dr M not create matter , he handles the matter or energy existing in the universe . There is nothing that says that he has created something of nothing . Atoms use it existed - as in the law of Descartes , he transforms . So , folks , there is a difference between the two critante .

    3 . The DC mentions in Appendices , and chips RPG created for the growth capacity of the DR is approximately 20x its own size.
    4 . At no time is stated that DR M never age . Even if he is considering he can grow old in a slow time enough to make it seem immortal .

    5 . Even manipulating atoms , the DR still need to use your hands , for example , point to objects or even people who want to disintegrate .

    5 . He just can easily explode in people magazine , cuz there is not really superheroes Watchman besides himself .

    So this issue of comparison is very relative ...
    But if you look good, there are other characters that can

  39. Yes Dr m in the movie was said to be unable to stop all the nukes because he can't be everywhere at once but how do we know he can't. He has the ability to duplicate himself. Is there a limit to how many copies of himself he can make.

  40. what about anti-monitor and superman prme(dc one million)? superman prime one million derived his energy from the source wall, so along with his former powers he got some new ones...he also gained abilities of the fifth dimensional imps... he can alter the fabric of reality by just thinking of it. in one of the issues he even says, "welcome to MY universe" or something like that. he stressed on 'my' so probably it was a universe that he had created. so with these and some other bunch of powers he was like a god. i guess he can even reverse time or even freeze it. manhattan didnt seem to show reality altering or turning back time...if he had them, he could have just used them to create a reality where everything is peaceful instead of letting millions die.

  41. Actually Dr Manhattan would beat the pheonix. All he would have to do is uncreate all of matter (save himself) then recreate it again