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Dr Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes Part 2: Dr. Manhattan vs Dr. Strange, Doomsday and Galactus

Second installment in Dr. Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes series...This is about Dr. Manhattan vs Dr. Strange, Doomsday and Galactus and other parts can be found at Dr. Manhattan vs Superman and Hulk, Dr. Manhattan vs Dark Phoenix and Dr. Manhattan vs Mr. Fantastic

Let's see who can kick Dr. Manhattan's (Jonathan Osterman) butt in all of DC/Marvel universes -

Dr. Manhattan vs Dr. Strange

Dr. Stranger is the master magician from the Marvel universe and at different levels controls all magic and mystical.

Can Dr. Strange do anything against Dr. Manhattan -

Dr. Strange can possible teleport Dr. Manhattan to some pocket dimensions but Dr. Manhattan can teleport himself right back.

Dr. Strange can possibly destroy Dr. Manhattan's "body" magically but Dr. Manhattan can rebuild it again. (Remember that Dr. Manhattan can come back from dead) Further, Dr. Manhattan will always know beforehand what Dr. Strange is going to do and can protect himself easily!

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Dr. Strange -

What works in Dr. Manhattan's favor is that he can come back from dead! So even if Dr. Strange "kills" Dr. Manhattan, still Dr. Manhattan can keep coming back eventually killing Strange.

Dr. Manhattan can essentially turn any type of energy into a weapon against Dr. Strange. So whatever magic Dr. Strange might use, Dr. Manhattan can negate it and turn it back onto Strange.

Dr. Manhattan has an endless supply of powers but Dr. Strange doesn't so after Dr. Strange has used up all his magic, Dr. Manhattan can dispatch him (probably after coming back from dead multiple times)

Verdict - Long drawn battle and Strange might be able to temporarily defeat/kill Dr. Manhattan but Dr. Manhattan will keep coming back until Dr. Strange is all out.

Dr. Manhattan vs Doomsday

Doomsday is perhaps the strongest DC Villain with the unique super power that he comes back from dead becoming invulnerable to anyone/anything that killed him! Doomsday has killed Superman multiple times too.

Can Doomsday do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Nothing. Nada. Doomsday's physical strength is useless against Dr. Manhattan so he can't hurt Dr. Manhattan in any way.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Doomsday -

Dr. Manhattan can kill Doomsday in multiple ways - Blunt super strength, intrinsic field removal etc but Doomsday can most probably rebuild himself each time.

Dr. Manhattan can lock Doomsday in some time loop from where Doomsday can never escape. By doing this, Dr. Manhattan would ensure that Doomsday doesn't become resistant to Dr. Manhattan's powers (as Doomsday will be imprisoned and not killed).

Verdict - Although Dr. Manhattan can easily kill Doomsday in a variety of ways, Doomsday will come back stronger so Dr. Manhattan won't kill him. Instead, Dr. Manhattan will imprison him in some time loops.

Dr. Manhattan vs Galactus
Galactus is the most primitive force of nature surviving the big bang and uses the cosmic energy itself as his power source. Galactus falls into the category of gods in Marvel universe.

Can Galactus do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Using cosmic energy, Galactus might easily hurt Dr. Manhattan as it's unclear how Dr. Manhattan's body responds to cosmic attacks. But again, Dr. Manhattan can rebuild himself, so Galactus' will eventually run out of energy.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Galactus -

Dr. Manhattan can spontaneously create the universal nullifier and kill Galactus with it (Nullifier is the only weapon that can kill Galactus)

Dr. Manhattan can destroy all surrounding galaxies that have "edible" planets and let Galactus starve to death! (Galactus needs planets to survive)

Dr. Manhattan himself can attack Galactus with cosmic energy.

Verdict - Galactus might fight back but Dr. Manhattan has many easy ways of killing him.

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  1. you need to learn a little bit more about Dr. Strange before you start talking about how he can run out of magic... One of Dr. Strange's unique abilities, one of the reasons he is known as sorceror supreme, is that he can absorb any and all of the mystic nature... Dr. Manhattan being Mystical himself would have no power over Dr. Strange in the eent they were ever put in a battle against one another...

  2. I'd agree with you for the most part except that Dr. Manhattan being mystical....Dr. Manhattan's powers are not mystical at all, at the core his basic power is the ability to manipulate matter at quantum mechanical levels and therefore complete control over all matter and energy in the Universe (multi-verse). His secondary major powers of precognition and coming back from dead also follow from that basic control of matter. So, we are talking about a guy who knows what is going to happen (ie, what Strange can and will do) to start with AND the guy who can reassemble himself no matter what you do to him. So I fail to see how Strange will win. I mean Strange can absorb Manhattan's attacks, Strange can even "kill" Manhattan but Manhattan will just come back.

  3. Dude, you're fucking high.

    Galactus ABSORBS ENERGY. He will simply suck Dr. Manhattan into himself.

    Dr. Manhattan is not God, bro. Remember that Manhattan also has a mortal soul. He has mortal origins. He is susceptible to all the kinds of vices and sins that can hinder normal men.

    Dr. Manhattan's powers are also science-based, not magically-based. Meaning that magic can affect probability, and anything can happen.

    Plus, if you separate Manhattan's soul from his body, (like Doctor Strange can) and trap it in another dimension from where the mortal soul has nowhere of escaping, say Mephisto's dimension) you can beat him. Manhattan's "blue body" will remain on this reality, rendered immobile and comatose.

    Professor X also has that ability... he can basically make Manhattan believe that he no longer has super powers. He can lock Manhattan's mind into a coma forever.

    In the end, Manhattan is a mere mortal soul trapped in a body that defies Quantum mechanics, but he is still merely a human soul.

    His power to see into the future is greatly diminished by the fact that while he can "see" the future, he can't do anything to "stop" it.

  4. Manhattan cannot "come back" if his soul remains trapped in a Netherworld dimension such as Mephisto's or Dormammus's realm. The demons can trap Osterman's soul in a magic bag and keep him there indefinitely.

    Doctor Strange (or any trained conjurer for that matter) can separate souls from bodies, while keeping the body alive, in a "vegetative" but "living" state.

    Magical or Mental powers always defeats Physical powers.

  5. Good point about the soul taken out of the body thing but you are missing one really huge factor here - Manhattan was able to *create* his body from being just a soul. In the original accident, his body was all gone and just soul left and then he used his powers of quantum mechanical control of matter/energy. So no matter where you trap his soul, he can just recreate his body all over again. That superpower combined with precognition ensures that he just can't be killed unless someone just totally destroys his soul itself!

  6. "His power to see into the future is greatly diminished by the fact that while he can "see" the future, he can't do anything to "stop" it"

    Answering to above point - Since Dr. Manhattan can actually act and interfere with causality, the book kinda implies that he can't change the future because thats the future he choose. Its a bit paradoxical though like all causality issues but the future that he sees is the one that he himself acted upon in the past and therefore "changed" beforehand.

  7. "Galactus ABSORBS ENERGY. He will simply suck Dr. Manhattan into himself."

    But Galactus too has to follow the basic laws of nature and these laws are what Dr. Manhattan controls/defies. Even before Galactus tries to absorb Dr. Manhattan's body, Dr. Manhattan can create Ultimate Nullifier and kill Galactus.

  8. About the Ultimate Nullifer thing it did once kill Galactus when he battled Terrax but in another comic Galactus appeared out of nowhere and started to absorb Hyperstorm's energy so I don't know about that weapon actually killing Galactus.

  9. But how about the first time when Ultimate Nullifier came into the picture - when Reed almost killed Galactus with it?

  10. As Brandy's song goes "Almost doesn't count!" You should also read the bio for the White Crown Phoenix. Dr. Manhattan going up against her is suicide. That Phoenix is another version to Jean.

  11. I don't believe Dr. Manhattan can't just invent/create the Ultimate Nullifier out of thin air!

    Besides, an encounter with a being of such magnitude as Galactus would certainly interfere with his ability of predicting his own future (wich has already happen before, in the comics).

    Also, he doesnt just "come back from the dead". He's made of energy, he doesnt have a body but an AVATAR. Even so he is energy, he's made of something not a soul, and if he is an energetic creature.. it can be absorved by Galactus (plus, in my view cosmic powers can certainly hurt it, or trasforme it to be consumed or whattever).

    WAKE UP! Dr. Manhattan dont stand a chance against a being wise enough to survive the big bang!

  12. Man, your thoughts about Rorscharch are very good, however, this "Versus Section" on Dr. Manhattan bl0ws big time!

    It should be called "How can Dr. Manhattan kill [ENTER NAME]".. because in your view he can simply 'come back from the dead' & 'knows the enemy every move'.

    C'mon..just think about it: if hes so 'all-knowing', Ozymandias shouldnt be able to trick him that he did!

  13. Well think about it - If the Ultimate Nullifier is just some machine that follows the laws of physics, then what would stop Dr. Manhattan from creating it. I mean, if a normal human had access to all the raw material that is needed to create it then even humans would create it. Humans just don't have the raw material and the means to put it all together. This is where Dr. Manhattan wins because he has access to the fundamental building blocks of the nature and the power to put them together in any way he wants. So, thinking of it this way, there is not much coming in the way of Dr. Manhattan assembling just another machine!

  14. Dr. Manhattan, though the most powerful being in the Watchmen universe is no match against classic Dr. Strange and Galactus.

    Classic strange can literally incapacitate Dr. Manhattan for all of eternity in the Rings of Raggadorr.

    Dr. Manhattan is no where near Silver Surfer's power level. Surfer has created multiple planets with life, easily sees through time, has defeated beings who made up the entire universe they came from. And Surfer is a toy to Galactus. Therefore, in a match against Galactus, I'd be surprised if Galactus even noticed Dr. Manhattan, let alone bother engaging in battle with him.

  15. @ Manoj Bhatty

    The location of the Ultimatee Nullifier was revealed by the Watcher, who's an extremely powerful entity who has extensive knowledge about the universe and the events that have occurred in it since before the big bang. In that sense, Reed cheated by getting info from the Watcher, who took sympathy on Earth. If Dr. Manhattan tried to create or manifest a nullifier, it won't work as the technology to make one is only known to Galactus himself.

  16. Dr. Manhattan is the most powerful hero or superhero ever created ..nobody no one can hurt or kill him..
    Hes powers are Limitless...

  17. DR Manhattan vs Superman! Not even close..May Michael the Arch Angel can defeat Dr Manhattan...DR Strange, Galactus, and Silver would all die in the mighty power of Dr Manhattan...

  18. Seems to me that, people keep on using a no limits fallacy for Dr Manhatten, like because he can manipilate matter on a subatomic level he can do anything, you say he can create the Ultimate Nulifier? How the fuck would he even know about it in the first place? If he is all seeing and all knowing, Ozy would never have made him look like a dumbass in the first place. There is also the fact that Dr M has never even faced someone on his powerlevel (albeit he is the most powerful in Watchmen), so how can he somehow beat some of the baddest Marvel characters, who have more amazing feats than Manhattan has showed, even Ozy said that even if stopped 99% of the war heads, the world would be destroyed, implying that there is a limit to his power, he just doesn't have multiversal control on a whim, just because of what he's seen to have done in the Watchmen Novel, that's just blowing his power out of proportion. Galactus is very powerful because of his history he has been seen to do amazing things...anyway I cba anymore lol.