Friday, December 12, 2008

Silhouette Watchmen Character Ursula Zandt

Watchmen Minutemen superhero teamSilhouette (the girl on far left in the pic) is perhaps one of the Watchmen's least known characters. The only things that we know about her are that her real name was Ursula Zandt and that she was part of Minutemen superhero group/team and that she was a Jew escaped from Nazis and her special ability! Yeah, I guess by now you can guess that each of the Watchmen character / super hero / costumed vigilante offers a talent thats missing from the rest of the comic universe (yeah both DC and Marvel comics). So what's so special about Silhouette. Those of you who have read watchmen must be thinking that I'm gonna say "Silhouette is the ONLY lesbian super heroine ever" but no that ain't it! :) What's even more intriguing is that Silhouette is the ONLY super heroine ever who was kicked out of her team because she was lesbian! Can you believe it? Inspite of her superior crime fighting capabilities she was kicked out just because of her sexual orientation....kinda sucks doesn't it!

But wait, there is more to come, and this is something that actually sets the whole minutemen super hero group apart from all super hero groups ever - Hooded Justice (a male super hero, another minutemen member) was not kicked out of the team because he was gay but Silhouette was kicked out because she was lesbian! Hell, they preferred a guy to a girl! And not just that, Hooded Justice (the guy on far right in the pic) was bailed out by Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter) who pretended to be his girlfriend (she was also part of minutemen) for the sake of public image of the group! The group (minutemen) was dismantled sh-t people, that was indeed some fu-k-d up group!

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  1. Too bad not much else is known about her. She seems interesting

  2. yeah, too bad she was in the old minute men team!.....I guess Alan Moore created her character to basically comment on the homosexuality-in-80s bit and to create the internal dichotomy in the group itself as homosexuality is supposed to be taboo so "who's watching the watchmen"! By the way, Zack Snyder's Silhouette has uncanny resemblance with the comic version!