Saturday, December 13, 2008

Captain Metropolis Watchmen character

Watchmen movie book review infoCaptain Metropolis from Watchmen's minutemen team is another of the Watchmen's super psychotic heroes! As you can see in the pic on the left, his mild psychosis is bursting out from every pore on his body. Don't get me wrong though, he is not psycho enough to be put in a strait jacket (yet), its just that his definition of crime is a bit severely misguided! Here's how, according to him the following activities constitute "crime" that superheroes must fight against -

1) One night stands - Yeah, next time you think about hitting the club on a saturday night, watch out for Captain Metropolis! Cap calls the crime "promiscuity" though so watch out Nelly (Furtardo)!

2) African-American rights - the good Captain Metropolis is also very concerned about our african american brothers, oh don't get me wrong he is concerned just about them asking for their rights! Yeah, the damned Captain Metropolis is very big on racism and he labels this particular "crime" as Black unrest. Goddamit!

3) Anti War Demonstrations - This beats them all, Captain Metropolis firmly believes that any demostrations againt wars are criminal activities! Yeah, let there be a war America!

4) Drugs - Yes, children if you even think about pot, Darknight is gonna come and gonna teach you a lesson.

So, our good Captain once assembled all the superheroes and proposed to create a superhero team called "Crime Busters" showing a chart listing activities that he thought were "criminal" (above four and more). Ofcourse everyone was thoroughly disgusted by the stupid idea and left immediately. Comedian (Edward Blake), before leaving, went one step further and burned the silly chart with his lighter and Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) realized that all these so called super heroes are a bunch of hobos and decided to save the world all by himself!

All that said, what is interesting though, is that Captain Metropolis didn't list homosexuality as a criminal activity (it being considered a taboo too back then). That's because he himself is in a romantic relationship with a fellow superhero called Hooded Justice. They can't just make it public though so Hooded Justice has a sham relationship with Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter).

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