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Night Owl Daniel Dreiberg Watchmen Character

Night Owl Daniel Dreiberg Watchmen Character
So whats the deal with the Watchmen's Night Owl 2 and why does he look like a funny version of Batman! I guess the easiest way to explain Night Owl's character is to do compare it with Batman (the same way I did for Rorschach's character) - Replace Batman's psychosis by sheer geekiness and you got Night Owl aka Daniel Dreiberg ! Yeah, take down the martial arts skills by at least half too as our Night Owl dude relies more on gadgets. I mean look at him, he has a super pot belly, can barely keep his "glasses" in place and looks as if he's gonna crumble down below the heavy cape and all! And as embarrassing as it is, our good Night Owl is also probably the only superhero suffering from ED(more on that later) He's pretty much a Bruce Wayne who decided to become Batman just for the kicks rather than to avenge his family and stuff - Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm all for this idea; I mean if I got too much money and I'm too much of a geek to squander it partying in some insane east european clubs with some wild european
girls then why not! Atleast by playing superhero I get to kick some super-villain-ass, try on some insanely cool gadgets, fly around in my Owl-Ship and hangout with cool super-heroins....and for our good old Night Owl it was totally worth it because it helped him hook up with the hottest chick in Watchmen - Ms. Silk Spectre (more on that below)! I also think that Night Owl is the logical end of a typical superhero who is not totally psycho. The guy played superhero, helped decrease crime rate, got some kicks out of it and as he started to get older then got back to his real life! No harm done to anyone and he had his fun Night Owl Daniel Dreiberg Watchmen Characterwhile making his "contribution" to the society!

After all, who are we to laugh at that super heroic pot belly after looking at the girl he supposedly dates (pic on right) !Anyhow, back to the post.....so what I wanted to point out is that - Hot chicks for whatever reason totally dig "Geeks" in the Watchmen universe. Case in point - Silver Spectre 2 aka Laurie Juspeczyk! The girl as we know is the hottest chick in the whole Watchmen universe (if not out of it) seems to love geeks for some reason, she hooks up with two different geeks in the Watchmen series - first boyfriend Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman) and next boyfriend our good Night Owl (
Daniel Dreiberg
! So well, like I was saying, who cares about
that pot belly if the guy scored the hottest chick in the world! It's a different issue though that unfortunately he can't get done much
with her because of the little ED problem that Night Owl seems to be suffering from!
Yeah, the poor guy can't seem to get it up and that's kinda weird given the fact that the guy has always been a total perve when it came to Ms. Juspeczyk and more so because of its the freaking Silk Spectre we are talking about (the pic is that of Malin Akerman, who plays Silk Spectre2 in Watchmen movie)! A new post dedicated to Silk Spectre on its way...

So how does he manage to get Silk Spectre 2? What his dating secret? More on that later in the next post that will be devoted to Night Owl's exotic girlfriends & dating life....for now lets focus on the guy himself! So basically Night Owl is your Batman without bat-psychosis, he's got even better gear than Batman himself for one thing and unlike Batman he doesn't really hat e dating quite as much. Further he loves to associate with other superheroes and thrives on it. He can also kick some serious butt when the need arises and in the Watchmen book once Night Owl and Silk Spectre totally ram through atleast a dozen of muggers. In the movie too seems Snyder has spruced him up quite a bit so Night Owl doesn't
look as pathetic as he does in the Watchmen graphic novel version

Night Owl and Rorschach are really close buds and hangout together quite a bit! In fact, once when Rorschach is in a real bind stuck in a prison, then Night Owl goes in to help him out (the pic on left from Watchmen movie is from the scene - Night Owl and Silk Spectre in prison helping Rorschach escape).
If you don't happen to know who or what Rorschach is, this is your luck day - Click here for a brief overview of Rorschach in Watchmen
And find more about why and how Silk Spectre Laurie broke up with Dr. Manhattan before hooking up with Night Owl

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