Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hooded Justice Watchmen movie and book character

Hooded Justice again stands out in the Watchmen and probably all DC & Marvel major characters as being unique in one way or the what is it this time....Rorschach was a major stinker, Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman) had a physics while doing threesome fetish and Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter) liked it how does our Hooded Justice stand out? Ok, I'll say it just like that because there is no other way of stating the fact that Hooded Justice is the ONLY superhero ever who is gay! Yeah, can you think of Superman or Spiderman to be gay? Yeah, imagine how Superman Returns movie would have been if Superman had been gay - no Louise Lane, no super-kid, nothing....the movie would have been about Superman coming home to some dude who would be trying to decide between Superman and yet another dude! On the other hand, probably Superman is indeed playing on the same side of the turf observing the fact that he rarely seem to get down to business with Louise Lane similar to how Hooded Justice had a front with Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter).

Anyhow, enough of Superman, lets get back to Hooded Justice. So, he's the only guy in the whole comics universe who plays on the same side of the turf.....oh waitaminnit, how could he be the only one....doesn't he need a partner? Yeah that makes sense and reading Watchmen again I found that Hooded Justice had a relationship going on with another Watchmen super hero
(costumed vigilante) called Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner). Seems Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis used to "collaborate" a lot with each other while crimefighting as minutemen! It's bad as it is (for minutemen team) that Hooded Justice was gay but the fact that he liked it violent didn't help much either, more so in the 80s more uptight society. Apparently Hooded Justice had a sham affair with Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter) to cover up the whole thing but seems Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis were very much in love at the time and it turns out that good old Hooded Justice liked it all a bit on the violent side.

Now please don't think of me as a gay basher at all, I approve of it as it's just what two (or more) people want to do without affecting anyone else in any way so this post is neutral on that front. But the fact that raises some questions is that our Hooded Justice liked it violent, in other words he used to enjoy beating up men (yeah well not exactly but you get the point), so his whole superhero beating up the bad guy deal looks a bit shady! He even "beat up" Comedian once and the astute Comedian commented on the fact that Hooded Justice might just be getting off on it! But well, like I said in the case of Rorschach, nothing is better than having a job that you enjoy doing and if Hooded Justice has such a job then all the good for him!

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