Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dr. Manhattan Jonathan Osterman - Watchmen character - Personal Life

Watchmen Dr Manhattan Jonathan OstermanYes, Dr. Manhattan aka Jonathan Osterman totally deserves another post! This guy is like a geek's dream come true! One moment he's sitting at his desk solving some math problem and next he's got super powers to beat the sh-t out of even Superman!

So what does the good doc do after obtaining these super-freakish-human powers -
a) Go own a country or become the king of the world?
b) Go become the ultra blue rock star and thrill the universe with his cosmic guitar?
c) Convert mount Everest into E and party all night long for next 2000 years?
d) Fight crime?

No! All answers above are incorrect. Our good Doc just goes right back to his unsolved math problem! He's so obsessed with physcs & maths that he solves maths problems while being in bed with his gilfriend (more on that later). Talk about dedication! Watchmen Silk Spectre Lauri Juspeczyk Jupiter But wait, I should be fair here - Dr. Manhattan has scored the hottest girl in the costumed vigilante community (Laurie Juspeczyk or Silk Spectre the second). He had a girlfriend (called Janey Slater) from his former physics lab life too, but unfortunately for her, as she got older Doc revealed "super roving eyes" to his already huge list of super powers. The fact that now chicks dig him all the more than they used to back in his physics days doesn't help much either here! So he does what any physicist will do - he figures that the future has already been decided for us so lets just have all the fun we can! I'm all for this philosophy of life though! And I can't blame the guy, with a girlfriend like Ms Juspeczyk (pic on the left) I would totally ditch the physics lab colleague too!

Now you might be wondering about the problems that regular superheroes have with girlfriends - Like Spiderman frets all the time about spending too much time crime fighting instead of having some wild times with his Mary Jane, Superman (Smallville) has issues exposing his superidentity to Lana Lang and so on. But our good old Dr. Manhattan again shows how only physicists or mathematicians or geeks can truly enjoy their superhero identities unlike their press-reporter and millionaire boys counterparts! Instead of worrying about exposing his identity, protection of the girl he dates and what not, he solves this problem by simply hooking up with a fellow super heroine (Silk Spectre 2)! So he doesn't have to worry about the identities and villains trying to use her against him and stuff as she will just kick anyone's butt if someone messes with her! Also, the fact that she has the body any figure athele would die for helps too!

As far as not having time to crime fight and date issue, our hero simply duplicates himself so one Dr Manhattan can go fight crime and second Dr Manhattan can go have a quiet evening with Ms. Juspeczyk! And since the good old doc is nowWatchmen Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre Lauri Juspeczyk Jupiter totally Don Juan in bed, Dr. Manhattan can even triplicate himself and have threesomes with Silk Spectre while working on his physics problems at the same time! Compare this to the regular super heroes though who fret about this and that instead of putting their super powers to some creative use! Thinking about it, this is one really cool use of the self-duplicating superpower! Threesome, that is; minus the physics problem part! Laurie though, like any sensible girl, totally freaks out about the prospect of having a threesome with the same guy!

Now that I mentioned the math problem part though, this kinda puzzles me. I mean why and how can someone do those things at the same time? The only reason I can think of is that poor Doc has some sort of physics fetish. And in fact this doesn't really come as a surprise when we think of his background! The guy is a physicist geek from Princeton for God's sake and must've spent countless hours with his math equations instead of trying to get laid in school ! So what he got those super powers! What really matters is that he gets his physics equations accurately solved. But the apparent super-libido power is also at work so he just triplicates himself - two of hims having some wild time with Ms Juspeczyk and remaining one solving math equations in the next room. Unfortunately for him though, Laurie is not totally an idiot and dumps him ASAP and hooks up with the next superhero in line (Night Owl aka Daniel Dreiberg) once she discovers that Dr. Manhattan was having sex with her AND solving those all important math problems at the same time last night! Poor girl doesn't realize that it could very well be Osterman's secret fetish from his Princeton days....

Ok, that was the personal life before he became, here is an article on how he came into existence - Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan's Origin

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  1. ... you are REALLY obsessed with the fact that Manhattan can have threesomes. Gees d00d.

  2. @Anonymous

    hahaha....I did find it particularly amusing because of the subtle gay undertones and the weirdness of Dr. Manhattan replicating himself to have sex with the same girl lol...On a more serious note, it also kinda shows that Dr. Manhattan's focus is on pleasing Laurie but not the way a boyfriend would like to his girlfriend but rather as just another chore...

  3. One of the best moments in the movie Watchmen (haven't read the graphic novels yet) is when Dr Manhattan goes to Mars and builds his giant clock. It reminded me of William Paley's divine watchmaker analogy. Paley was writing to justify a teleology, that the design of the universe implies something about the designer. And Dr. Manhattan fits the description perfectly. Like the watchmaker he only creates and shows no emotional attachment to his creation. In art as in life, it's my belief that the divine learned long ago to ignore the will of the individual as faulty and selfish. It's only by transcending our individual nature that we have any chance at glimpsing the machinery, or solving the ultimate math problem.