Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dollar Bill Watchmen Minutemen character - The most idiotic superhero

So who is this Dollar Bill, why does he deserve a whole new blog entry and most importantly why is he standing in between a couple of hobos? Yeah, the guy on his right is Mothman who was always a hobo in the Watchmen book and on his left is Night Owl 1 aka Hollis Mason (one of my favorite characters and the predecessor of Night Owl 2 or Daniel Dreiberg). I'm ok with Mothman looking like a 16 year old girl because he is too stupid to look otherwise, but Night Owl in his panties with a seemingly engorged member is ridiculously disgusting. Only God knows what Dave Gibbons was smoking when he did this!

Anyhow, back to Dollar Bill. So what is so special about Dollar Bill? Many things really, and all are as silly as the pic on the left but they do make him stand out in the whole comicverse out there (yeah DC/Marvel/more) goes -

1) Dollar Bill is the ONLY paid/hired superhero ever in Watchmen and elsewhere - Yeah, Dollar Bill is a "super hero" who was "hired" by some bank! Whatever happened to the good old days when superheroes used to risk their lives altruistically for noble causes. What if Batman started charging money for every hour of his "service"?

2) Dollar Bill is the ONLY superhero ever who had a wardrobe malfunction - Yeah, Dollar Bill actually was killed because of his costume. His big fancy cape got stuck in a revolving door and some lowly bank robber shot him dead. This is ridiculous really! What are costumes for anyway? Going by Darknight's example, every element in a costume has some very important purpose to aid the nightly crime fighting. In other words, costumes are supposed to help save superhero's butt and not kick it! So while Darknight introduced a cape to his costume was when he really needed it to slow down his fall when jumping across buildings, but our good Dollar Bill introduced the cape just for a "good measure"! And look where it got him!

To read more about other funny Watchmen's Minutemen team members, click - Silhouette Watchmen's Minutemen superheroine who was kicked out because she was lesbian

and Silk Spectre 1 aka Sally Jupiter - the Watchmen's Minutemen superheroine who became a vigilante to help her hollywood career


  1. Seriously. They are just comic book characters. Chill out and stop bashing on them. Dollar Bill started off as a paid Bank Model, then he ended up fighting crime. If anything, that makes him more original and less cliche'. It looks to me like you obviously missed the whole point and moral of the story as well as the characters.

  2. Yes I know that Watchmen characters (including Dollar Bill) were depicted in a more realistic setting. That said, I think there is something inherently both funny and sad about a "powerless-super-hero" in real (our) world! Probably some of these things are what Alan Moore wanted us to note when he wrote some stuff like Dollar Bill's cape getting stuck in revolving door! So while reading the book, I did happen to see this funny side of it all.

  3. I too was enamored by the frame shot of Dollar Bill caught up in the revolving door. So much that I have done a couple google searches about old Dollar Bill of Watchmen fame. Ha.

  4. yeah I also wish some of these interesting characters got their own arcs really!

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