Thursday, December 11, 2008

Silk Spectre Sally Jupiter Watchmen Characters

Silk Spectre 1 happens to be our hottest-chick-in-watchmen's Mom! Thats right, she is Laurie Juspeczyk's (aka Silk Spectre 2) mother and I daresay a bit less conservative than the good daughter when it comes to her celebrity expose`! But what is absolutely amazing about her is the fact that Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter) is the ONLY superhero (heroine) in Watchmen (or DC/Marvel) who criminals totally want to be caught by! Yeah, right from the common street muggers to the super villains, everyone has just one dream - to get caught by Silk Spectre 2! Why so though? Because she is HOT, thats why! Villains just love the idea of the hot chick questioning him and handcuffing him and well....thats where it usually ends other then those few, who because of their some slightly differently places pleasure centers, prefer to be beaten up first! The very thought of being apprehended by a beautiful 18 year old beauty is too irresistible to the socially misguided! This is not just limited to super villains though, even super heroes find her irresistible - case in point, Comedian (Edward Blake), who once tried to get a bit too cozy with Silk Spectre and got beaten up by Hooded Justice! Oh don't get me wrong, Hooded Justice is not Silk Spectre's love interest, nothing going on between them whatsoever. What is interesting here though, is that Hooded Justice pretends to be Silk Spectre's boyfriend! Why is that? - Read here - Hooded Justice & Silk Spectre.

But well, for our Silk Spectre its all really cool with all that stuff because she can use some extra publicity to help her modelling career. Yeah, Silk Spectre must be the ONLY super heroine who decided to become the superheroine not to fight crime, but to give an extra push to her modelling & acting career! Silk Spectre 1, her daughter Laurie Juspeczyk's finds the idea absolutely disgusting though. I share her views to some extent. Can you believe it! It's like Wonder Woman fighting battles with those monsters from hell just so some director would give her some role in some movie! Oh well, whatever floats Sally's boat!

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