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Dr Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes Part 4: Dr. Manhattan vs Mr. Mxyzptlk, Scarlet Witch and Mr. Fantastic

Fourth installment in the Dr. Manhattan vs DC/Marvel Superheroes series....This is about Dr. Manhattan vs Mr. Mxyzptlk, Scarlet Witch and Mr. Fantastic.. and other parts can be found at Dr. Manhattan vs Superman and Hulk, Dr. Manhattan vs Galactus and Dr. Manhattan vs Dark Phoenix

Let's see who can kick Dr. Manhattan's (Jonathan Osterman) butt in all of DC/Marvel universes -

Dr. Manhattan vs Wanda Witch (Scarlet Witch)

Scarlet Witch (Wanda) possesses the power to modify probability fields. In other words, Scarlet Witch can change the probability of the occurrence of events consequently changing the reality itself. She has been depowered considerably so we are considering the original character that had more control over probability fields.

Can Scarlet Witch do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Since she can change the reality itself, she can most certainly effect Dr. Manhattan's ability to attack or defend. For example, she can reduce the probability of Dr. Manhattan's reconstruction to near zero and then Dr. Manhattan will just not be able to come back from dead!

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Scarlet Witch - Again, what is working in Dr. Manhattan's favor is the knowledge of future. Since Dr. Manhattan already knows exactly what Scarlet Witch will do even before she starts to think about it, he can easily make his own "changes" to reality!

So, in essence, Dr. Manhattan can kill Scarlet Witch even before she thinks of attacking.

Further, Dr. Manhattan can teleport himself out of Wanda's range of attack before she can attack.

Verdict - Dr. Manhattan wins hands down but mostly because he can predict future.

Dr. Manhattan vs Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk is perhaps tops the DC super villains in terms of magical powers. Mr. Mxyzptlk is a fifth dimension elf who is not bound by our three dimensional universe's laws and therefore can mess up the reality itself and in DC universe there is no way to beat him.

Can Mr. Mxyzptlk do anything against Dr. Manhattan - It unclear exactly what type of powers Mr. Mxyzptlk possesses and what are his limits.

Mr. Mxyzptlk generally operates by manipulating three dimensional reality as he wishes so he can easily turn Dr. Manhattan into dust or annihilate forever. But again (at the risk of repeating millions of times already), Dr. Manhattan can rebuild himself.

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Mr. Mxyzptlk -

Dr. Manhattan can predict Mr. Mxyzptlk's arrival and attacks but it's unclear if the future will stay the same after Mr. Mxyzptlk's intervention.

Dr. Manhattan can try to make Mr. Mxyzptlk spell his name backwards. This is the only "weakness" that Mr. Mxyzptlk imposed on himself. But Mr. Mxyzptlk can come back so it doesn't really matter a lot.

The only way to really fight Mr. Mxyzptlk is to fight him in a five dimensional reality. So, the answer largely depends on whether Dr. Manhattan has access to fifth dimension or not. Given the facts that we have though, Dr. Manhattan is certainly not bound by three dimension (Dr. Manhattan is at least a four dimensional being); it's possible that he can access all eleven dimensions. If so, Dr. Manhattan can easily destroy Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Verdict - Not enough information on both Mr. Mxyzptlk's and Dr. Manhattan's full powers but if we assume the worst then the fight can last till the end of the universe

Dr. Manhattan vs "smart" superheroes (Mr. Fantastic, Lex Luthor, Tony Stark, Brainiac, Dr. Doom etc)
Here we are including only those superheroes who don't really have an comparable super powers (if any) and those who primarily use their intelligence to fight their opponents. Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four, Dr. Victor Doom and Tony Stark are essentially the most intelligent heroes in Marvel universe and Lex Luthor and Brainiac are their DC villains counterparts.

Can our "smart" superheroes do anything against Dr. Manhattan - Not much. If there is one weakness that Dr. Manhattan has is a tachyon field. A Tachyon bombardment essentially takes away Dr. Manhattan's ability to predict future leaving him slightly confused. So it's possible to build Tachyon generators that slow him. But that's about it!

How can Dr. Manhattan kill Mr. Fantastic and team -

Well, Dr. Manhattan can annihilate the whole solar system, thats the easy way.

Dr. Manhattan can also track the Tachyon generators down and destroy them, thus getting his powers back.

Verdict - Dr. Manhattan wins hands down but the Tachyon attack might slow him down.

So, individually none of the strongest and smartest of DC and Marvel superheroes are a match for Dr. Manhattan. He really is probably the strongest superheroes ever created!

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  1. Dr Manhatten can also create replicas of himself with all his power and each with their own free will as you've noted. With that he can simply create thousands of himself send them to distant solar systems and learn a whole field of new things. Should one of him ever be destroyed which his mentioned in the movie the first thing he learned was how to restore himself. He can easily come back. Plus I believe the rest would know also. I'm still wondering just how powerful is he when he contemplated building life on another solar system.. Thats crazy but it seems the more he learns the more he becomes detached. :P maybe why god dont answer us lol. I like your blog im enhancive3000 on yahoo.

  2. Thank you for the comment. You have an excellent point there. Dr. Manhattan can indeed teleport his replicas among all intelligent life and gain all knowledge in the known universe simultaneously!! Thats pretty neat! Although to extend it, he would gain the knowledge the instant he "thinks" about this plan because of precognition because future is same as present to him!!!

  3. About building life in another solar system - when I was reading the book, I had a feeling that probably it was he who created the life in the universe! Probably he went away back in time and started life (on earth and beyond)...I know its very paradoxical but I got this idea from the scene in the book where he tells Janey that he thinks that he has always been around!

  4. Your whole argument is based on Dr. Manhattan being able to predict the future. But this is a useless power, because even though he can SEE it coming, he CAN'T change it.

    He can annihilate anyone with physical-based powers (guys like Hulk, Silver Surfer, Superman, Thor, etc.) but I believe that characters like Professor X and Doctor Strange can basically separate Manhattan's soul from his body. If Manhattan's soul cannot return to his body, his powers are rendered useless.

  5. "But this is a useless power, because even though he can SEE it coming, he CAN'T change it."

    Actually Dr. Manhattan can't interfere with causality while staying in the same universe because each of his actions impact his and others futures. So we have to assume that he sees the future that he sees fit. In other words, his future depends on his and others past/present actions and his precognition power is really accurately predicting the future that past/present circumstances will create. So, he pretty much changes the future as he sees fit, kinda like Nicolas Cage's character in Next. This is what the graphic novel seems to imply when he says that "Rules are different for me".

  6. I don't recall Dr. Manhattan actually has a soul.

    He seems content when he says I am not human, hence, no soul.

    That said, Mr. Mxyzptlk can in fact own Dr. Manhattan. Like Q from Star Trek series, this dude basically snaps things to happen and changes rules.

    Given that, he is possibly the only one guy who can change Dr. Manhattan back to being human. possibly.

  7. Anonymous

    Good points, Dr. Manhattan technically wouldn't have a soul atleast in the Watchmen universe. The best we can do is to think of his "consciousness" as soul but then, as you said, he has grown beyond humans (any mortal beings for that matter) and its shady what soul would really mean in his case.

    About Mr. Mxyzptlk, I guess his power basically is not magic/cosmic...rather it's just science that spans more dimensions than our 3 dimensional it's a question of how many dimensions does Dr. Manhattan control besides the 4 human ones.

  8. what about the living tribunal?

  9. If there is a possibility of some device (say ultimate nullifier) that can work, then Dr. Manhattan wins as he can spontaneously create anything just by his will.

  10. Manoj Bhatty You don't know anything talking About Dr. Manhattan can defeat any hero you're jus a freak fan. You're sayin this stuff on your own assumptions when I've better arguements then what you have. I think you're jus in LD(retardo).

  11. Yeah sure, and these comments are coming from some freak who posts around as anonymous and claims to have "better arguments" without presenting them! Why not? I'm not prejudiced man, I pay taxes just so vegetables like you can be sustained! Man is a social animal afterall, right? ;)

  12. First of all I said I've heard better arguments... and forgive me for being dump I'm sorry. But I also think that changes are there for every hero.

  13. Dude please answer back im really angry everyone has a weakness even dr.manhattan i think ghost rider can beat him. I think

  14. wat about cpt marvel

  15. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment. About Ghost Rider, I guess there is an impedance mismatch here as it's difficult to compare a purely magical/mystical character with a character that is still (sorta) bound by physics. If we assume the existence of soul, then Dr. Manhattan can be killed simply by removing his soul, so he's an easy kill! The thing is that in Dr. Manhattan's world there is no magic and mysticism. If we go by physics though (no souls etc), Dr. Manhattan can be destroyed but he can just re-assmeble himself and that makes him pretty much unbeatable. Similarly, if Ghost Rider is made up of *something* from the physical world, then he can be destroyed as well but I doubt he is made up of normal atoms and what not that can be simply annihilated to destroy him. Could be a draw!

  16. About Captain Marvel, it doesn't look too bad for Dr. Manhattan as I can't think of anything that Cap Marvel can do to *permanently* destroy Dr. Manhattan. Cap Marvel is pretty much on the same league as Superman and he is basically a human being with some dramatic powers. If his body is destroyed then he is done for good!

  17. thx for clearing things up,
    keep up the good work

  18. ricky swaramahardhikaJune 16, 2009 at 1:14 AM

    i thing wolverine can do we allready know dr manhattan walking around nude, with his claw.he can hit in the dr manhattan's ball and slice it into piece.. ^^ *lol

  19. ricky swaramahardhikaJune 16, 2009 at 1:55 AM

    anyway 4 sure..there is one man(animal?) can defeat dr manhattan..he is GLADSTONE GANDER (donald duck's cousin..the duck who always lucky all the time)

    Can Gladstone Gander do anything against Dr. Manhattan : nothing he can do ..except "Lucky"

    Can Dr. Manhattan do anything against Gladstone Gander : Dr. Manhattan can do anything with all his power..except win the battle against Gladstone Gander ..

    Verdict - Gladstone Gander wins hands down easily
    how it can be?i dont know either..just call it "lucky" :)
    (so ironic isnt'it da' one who defeat dr manhattan is Non superhero Non Villains)

  20. Not to be an ass, but you're being really short-sited about this whole thing.

    The actual Watchmen storyline establishes that Dr. Manhattan's ability to foresee his own future can be impaired, leaving him vulnerable to certain methods of attack. It also establishes that his ability to see his own future doesn't extend infinitely, otherwise he would have foreseen Ozymandias' plans years before his clairvoyance was blocked. The "smart" characters you mention, particularly Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic, are in all likelihood on par with Ozymandias, and would be able to pull off the same feats. With that established, Mr. Fantastic has at various points had the use of the ultimate nullifier. It's also been established that in the hands of a user with a particularly powerful mind (and I think that Reed Richards' genius qualifies), the nullifier could be used to erase entire timelines, including that which spawned Dr. Manhattan to begin with --- maybe even the entire reality in which Watchmen occurs, provided he can use the weapon against Dr. Manhattan without making his intentions known.

    Alternately, any character with the Infinite Gauntlet (i.e. Thanos, Magus, etc.) would have complete mastery over Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality and Power. One might argue that this only mirror Manhattan's abilities, but in fact it would lend the bearer of the Gauntlet power over Mind and Soul, neither of which Dr. Manhattan has influence over. Unlike terrestrial telepaths, the Mind power granted by the Gauntlet is of cosmic/mystical origin, and would in all likelihood defy the limitations of brain cell structure you established in the "Professor X / Jean Grey / etc." battle.

    I think that's about as good an argument as you can find.

  21. All of these senarios only have him against the individual. Use multiple powers (Say, Tony Stark builds these Tachyon generators, then Scarlet Witch is called in.) and there could be a good chance. As I see it, none of them could defeat him alone, but if there was a group they could.

  22. How about Dr. Manhattan vs. Darkseid?

  23. Characters should be limited to DC.

  24. So your telling us Dr. Manhattan is unbeatable? The dude is pure energy. I'm sure there is some super hero/villian that can absorb pure energy.

  25. I dont believe he is the strongest super hero ever created, there are many more that can stop him, first the most powerful of all, probably the 2 most powerful, THE ONE ABOVE ALL and THE PRESENCE, they are like the creators of MARVEL and DC COMICS, they are Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omniversal, then there is LIVING TRIBUNAL and BEYONDER, And i disagree about DR STRANGE, PHOENIX and GALACTUS, PHOENIX>GALACTUS>DR MANHATTAN, DR MANHATTAN is not Omnipotent or Omniscient, his powers are nearly unlimited but still limited, he remains reliant on his intellect and sensory experience to reach conclusions,Galactus is not a wholly physical being; his "daughter" Galacta refers to her corporeal self as an "embodiment," a "Power-Cosmic waveform," a "waveform matrix," and "the Power-Cosmic fieldweave of my bodily infostructure." This implies that Galactus's physical form (malleable as it is) is something akin to an M-body, an avatar for cosmic entities. This explains Galactus's remark to the Fantastic Four that he cannot be harmed in any meaningful physical sense: his physical being is subjective.

    1. I completely agree in faci I was going to say the exact same thing before I read the comments

    2. One above all or the presence could just destroy the universe that dr. Manhattan is in and recreate it or just destroy him and remove his powers therefore stopping him from regenerating. That is of course if they even feel he is threatening the balance of good and evil. Same thing goes for the living tribunal but IT likely wouldn't even care not even seeing dr. Manhattan as a threat

      People are also forgetting that superman prime is considered the second most powerful being in the DC universe behind only the presence and the Marvel abstracts primarily DEATH. Being the embodiment of death itself she can't be killed and could I speculate just kill him and keep him in her realm

  26. now that I think about it.. Superman is a reality warper and can patch holes in reality with his static electricity.. if superman thinks he can beat his opponent somehow someway reality usually works in his favor.. id watch them two clash

  27. Hey, you guys are forgetting Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt)... His Sonic Scream could pretty much destroy anyone or anything in its path?

  28. Scarlet Witch could reduce the possibility that Manhattan predicts the correct future, thereby forcing him to make mistakes, eventually tricking the Dr into killing himself.